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You can’t do it all yourself. Don’t be afraid to rely on others to help you accomplish your goals.” - Oprah Winfrey

Our team consists of Tracy, Maria and Emma; three women all specialising in their own area of expertise within the publishing world… Writing, PR and Marketing. With over 31 years of experience in our fields, we are passionate, dedicated and ready to share our knowledge with you.



Have a great book idea or outline, or a completed manuscript which needs a professional eye? Whether you’re looking to self-publish or find a traditional publisher the team at Freshly Press can help you get your book ready for market.


Pr & Marketing

We can target the perfect audience for your project, specific to your genre, and help you formulate key relationships that will grow your reader tribe. Explore our zesty PR packages…


digital marketing

Do you spend hours scrolling social media platforms asking “How did they do that”? Do you long for professional-looking author pages in which to direct potential readers, reviewers or publishers? Freshly Press is here to help spritz up your online presence.