Published author, Daniela Norris, reveals her publishing secrets!


For first-time authors, the book publishing process can be daunting. You’ve spent hours of your life writing, editing, proof-reading and analyzing every detail of your book. But once you’re ready to put your writing pen down, what’s next? Fame, signings and book deals? For some, this is a reality but writing and publishing a book is not just a creative endeavor, it’s a job. Heck, It’s two or three jobs.

As with any new job, there’s a period of learning and to help you through the publishing maze is published author, and a close friend of ours, Daniela Norris. Daniela talks to us on #AuthorsDay about her own personal journey and the things she wished she knew before her very own author journey began.

What Genres Are Your Books?

I write mostly inspirational fiction and non-fiction, although have also done some political writing and am currently co-authoring a book about the Olympic sport of Fencing! I enjoy writing books which I feel not only tell a story, but might be useful for readers - I think everyone should aspire to live to their fullest potential and I try to promote this way of thinking through my writing. My recent trilogy of novels Recognitions, Premonitions and Precognitions (currently in the works) is all about how some things in life are meant to be - and the deeper aspects of the human condition.

How Did You Publish Them?

My political writing was published by Reportage Press, a London-based publisher that was focused on current-affairs and sadly no longer exists. My inspirational writing is all published by John Hunt Publishing - one book of non-fiction, a collection of short stories - and two novels, with a third to be completed next year.

What Is The One Thing You Wish You Had Known Before You Published Your Book?

How much the writer has to be involved in marketing efforts - initially I thought that the writing would be the real challenge. But in fact, it is what comes once the book is completed, which takes more planning, time and effort.

What Was The Hardest Part Of Publishing A Book?

The marketing of it - every single time!

How Did You Market Your Book?

I usually build on communities that enjoy the same kind of reading and writing as I do - namely spiritual writing, either through writing articles for magazines or through groups which I am a member of. While from my experience with political writing I learned that current-affairs attract more headlines and are easier to market, the inspirational/spiritual genre builds on the 'longer term' interest and spiritual development of the readers.

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What Was The Most Enjoyable Thing In The Process?

Writing the book - and having exchanges with my readers. I love the feeling of having a completed manuscript, even before I hold the published copy in my hand. I also love getting feedback from readers on how the books have affected them.

What Would You Do Different For Your Next Book?

As soon as I finish writing a book, I immediately think of the next one - perhaps after completing my next book (as it's the third and last novel in a trilogy) I'll take a little break from writing and spend more time attending inspiring events and exploring new horizons!

Daniela I. Norris is Canadian-Israeli, a former diplomat turned political writer and – with age and wisdom – inspirational author and speaker. Her stories, articles and essays have been published in numerous newspapers and magazines, have appeared in six different anthologies and won numerous awards, including the Neil Gunn (Scotland), the Society of Women Writers and Journalists (UK) and The Chichester Observer Magazine (UK).

Several of her stories have been long and short-listed for the Bridport Prize and the Fish Prize and were collected in a first collection of short stories, titled The Year Spring Turned into Winter, published in 2008. Crossing Qalandiya – Exchanges Across the Israeli Palestinian Divide, co-authored with Palestinian writer Shireen Anabtawi, was published in the UK in May 2010 by Reportage Press. On Dragonfly Wings: a skeptic’s journey to mediumship was out in April 2014 (Axis Mundi Books) followed by Collecting Feathers: tales from The Other Side (Soul Rocks Books, November 2014). Recognitions, first of a trilogy, is her debut novel, published by Roundfire Books in 2016.

Daniela is the recipient of the 2011 John C Laurence grant from the Society of Authors, and Member of SWWJ (Society of Women Writers and Journalists, UK), GWG (Geneva Writers’ Group, Switzerland), The Society of Authors (UK) and Goodwill Ambassador for Children of Peace.

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