5 ways to give some fresh zest to your Christmas book sales


The holiday season is the ideal time to boost your sales, even if you missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday you can still use some simple techniques to impact your sales and grow your contact list.

 Lots of people wait until the last few days before Christmas to buy gifts, sometimes they’ll buy Amazon vouchers, there is still time you can help them buy your books.

 IDEA ONE – Start with who you know

 It’s much easier to sell books to existing customers, so start there. Whether you have one book, multiple books, or a new book release – you can let them know, remind them and encourage them via your mailing list. If you don’t yet have a mailing list, maybe the New year Is a great opportunity to start one? Emails lead to 10 times more sales than any other online avenue! If you don't have a mailing list yet, use your social media stream to let people know how they can buy your books and keep in regular contact.


IDEA TWO – Give Your Social Media A Spritz

If you already use social media use your platforms and channels to connect with your audience. Let them know about special offers, sales, holiday bonuses - it is a great way to start to re-engage, generate attention and sell more books. If you haven’t yet started to use social media then just choose one platform to start with and focus on that, start with the one you’re most comfortable using, you can add more in the future if you want to.

 IDEA THREE – e-book campaigns

 E-book campaigns are great way to promote your book. It doesn’t have to be a freebie promotion, in fact we recommend that you think about reducing your book by just £1 or £2. Ideally £1.99 or less is a good price to set and keep it at that for a minimum of five days. An eBook promotion is an excellent way to drive customers to both the book you are promoting and onto others in your backlist. You could even consider doing a rolling e-book promo campaign, one that kicks off the next campaign for the next book as one finishes.

IDEA FOUR – Super Specials

Be creative! Think up some fun mini campaigns that stand out from a simple price reduction. They take a little more work but are worth it.

Save now & save later: Offer discounts when they buy – like in your e-book promo - and then a discount voucher for purchasing a January promotion, too.

Gift of the Day – If your back catalogue is of a reasonable size you could set up a mini campaign which offers a different promo each day with a snappy name… Countdown to Christmas / Books with Bows On / Santa’s Gift List…

Create a three book boxed set – Perfect if you have a series to also lead readers onto your other books.


IDEA FIVE – Post Holiday Sales

Help customers old and new spend their Christmas cash gifts and Amazon vouchers by running creative post-Christmas and new year sales. Don’t forget to send reminders to those with the discount vouchers from your Save now & Save Later campaign to use them.


These are just a few of the ideas that you can build into your marketing strategy to take advantage of the holiday season. Sign up here to our monthly newsletter for regular ideas, tips and bookish news.

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 Wishing you a happy and successful holiday season from the Freshly Press team!