Three zinging poems to refresh your working day

Poetry at Work Day

Today is #PoetryAtWorkDay and the Freshly Press team are ‘waxing lyrical’ about poetry like shiny, proud lemons! So, without further ado, and for no other reason than we love poetry and we love what we do, here’s three rather tasty poems about why we love working with you (the rhyming just keeps on happening)…


Instagram Innit by Emma Gray

My job is to beautify

People’s online content.

Blogs, websites and Instagram;

It’s all time well spent.

My life’s sole ambition,

If you didn’t realise

Is to help people stand out,

Make a difference, reach new highs.

We do this together,

Standing hand in hand.

Although i’m usually well hidden

Behind a large screen with broadbrand.

You see i’m just one of three special ladies

Keeping cool, calm and breezy,

Doing what we can

To make authors journeys… Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.


Where Writers Write by Tracy Stewart

I love being a writer

I can work wherever I please.

If I want to be with people

A café gives that with ease.

But If I want to be cosy and silent,

To write the stories in my head,

I’m really very lucky

As I can do that from my bed.


My Work by Maria Barry

I promote books for a living

It is a job that is sound.

I work with my authors

To get their book’s audience found.

Look at this book I shout via email,

Read this extract I lure.

Place an article in a magazine,

An author interview on BBC Four.

I hangout on social media

I stalk reviewers and journalists

I promote and work with my authors

To help them rise up that bestsellers list.

We had a giggle writing these poems. Why not let loose for 10 minutes and write about your day job? It may just make you feel more energized to get you through until home time!