The 12 Best Crystals for Writers

Crystals have been worn as jewellery since as far back as the Stone Age when men and women wore talismans for their protection and to guard themselves from harm. Many believe crystals have the power to heal, dating back to the ancient Egyptians, when Cleopatra and ladies of royalty wore Lapis Lazuli, malachite was powdered and applied to wounds to prevent infection and quartz was placed on the dead to help guide them into the afterlife safely.

But did you know that there are many ways to benefit from the energy of crystals whilst writing? By wearing crystals in bracelets or on a pendant when you write it can help focus your mind on the task ahead and set your intention. Essentially, it puts you in ‘writing mode’. You can also place crystals on your desk whilst you work.

As writers we spend a good deal of time working with words. Whether you are a creative writer, copy writer, blogger, poet, journalist, you name it, words play a huge role in our lives. But what if those words don’t come freely? Or perhaps you’re struggling with developing a character or editing your manuscript?

If you’re struggling to find the words for your writing project try working with some of the crystals mentioned in this post. Each has unique attributes that are perfect for those who love the written word in all its forms.

Here are my top tips before you start using crystals to help with your writing:

CRYSTAL TIP ONE:  Program Your Crystal

If you wish to have a special crystal or wear a particular piece of crystal jewellery for writing only, I recommend you program it for this purpose only. When you program a crystal you set a clear intention for what you need help with. Programming gives your crystal laser-like focus.

CRYSTAL TIP TWO: Set Your Intention

With your eyes closed, touch or hold your crystal for a few minutes and focus on your intention before you begin writing. You can also meditate with it for a few minutes if you prefer.

Here are our 12 recommended crystals for writers, whatever your need may be:

Crystals for Focus

Tiger’s Eye for focus and determination. It is a particularly great crystal for writers in the following genres: Self Help, Empowerment, Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Leadership, Positive Thinking.

Clear Quartz is one of the most useful crystals for writers. It’s an amplifier of energy so, if you suddenly find your flow, Quartz will ensure it continues. It focuses the mind and brings clarity.

Crystals for Communication

Blue Lace Agate will stimulate communication and will keep you calm and relaxed. For those writing non-fiction or bloggers, this stone helps you to speak your truth.

Sodalite will help you access insights and ideas. If you are stuck on an issue, this stone will bring you the inspiration you need.

Celestite aids mental clarity and sharpens mental faculties so will help clear those creative blockages. A cluster of this lovely blue stone on your writing desk is excellent for your emotional state as it is calming and uplifting.

Crystals for Imagination

Labradorite stimulates the imagination and stokes your creativity. Perfect for those writing in the Science fiction or fantasy worlds.

Crystals for Creativeness

Carnelian will give your creativity a boost and it will keep you energised too. It enhances your confidence on those days where doubt creeps in.

Crystals to Enhance Emotion

Jasper is the supreme nurturer. There are many forms of jasper so pick one that appeals to you. If you are a memoirist, this is the stone for you.

Crystals for Concentration

Agate is the stone for concentration. As with all agates mentioned in this post, they bring balance.

Crystals for Motivation


Citrine is the stone of prosperity, so your writing will prosper by having this stone nearby. It motivates and brings a much-needed confidence boost, whilst energising your space.

Crystals for Research and Study

Flourite my number one study aid, it is the stone of the mind, so if you need to research something this is the stone to sit with you.

Final Note:

Shungite is a stone of purification and my go-to for absorbing pollutants from Wifi connections and computers or mobiles. Keep one handy!

Keep your crystals cleansed and energised. Wash them regularly, place them out in bright sunlight. There are many methods for doing this, you can research online and find one that works for you. 

In her spare time (coughs), our PR guru, Maria Barry, is a reiki master and crystal healer. She collects and sells crystals, as well as making unique crystal healing jewellery. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram for further inspiration.

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