3 Keys to market your eBook successfully

It’s #ReadanEbookWeek, which was established to help bring together eBook retailers, publishers, authors, device-makers and readers find new stories to read and enjoy. It’s about also raising awareness of the benefits of eBooks and promoting how they can be enjoyed alongside physical books.

EBooks are still seen as somehow being “not real books” by many. There has been historically, and to some degree still is, a snobbishness around them. The fact is, however, they are becoming an increasingly important part of the literary scene. Last year, 284 of the top 1,000 best-selling eBooks in the US were written by independent authors.

EBooks can provide a route to market for many authors who cannot initially find a publisher including Jodi Taylor, author of the Chronicles of St Mary’s series, Andy Weir author of The Martian and Meredith Wild who wrote the erotic Hacker novels. You can read more about the stats and examples here in this Medium article on self publishing successes.

I love to read, I am the quintessential bookworm with a large collection of books. I cannot imagine a life without books and in my younger years, I have been known to sacrifice clothes space in a suitcase for books, just so I wouldn’t run out of reading material on holiday. However, with a life that means it’s not always practical to carry physical books around, but with a need to always have access to a book (alright, books) I became a natural convert to the benefits of e-readers albeit, initially, a reluctant one.

As a reader, I have come to appreciate the freedom and weightlessness of a digital library. I can access hundreds of books, fiction and non-fiction from my e-reader, phone or tablet, anywhere, anytime; all I need is internet access and wifi.

I feel that eBooks are underappreciated as useful tools in the nomadic and increasingly popular minimalist lifestyle. Many of us have the sense of being weighed down by all our stuff. Stuff seems to always be accumulating. In a world looking for ways to reduce consumption, increase recycling and be more of our use of space, books are a popular and frequently contentious topic for discussion. With my digital library, I can continue to discover and read books, both old and new, without actually accumulating stuff, but I’ll happily admit to not finding it easy to pare down my book collection.

I still love physical books. I have hundreds of them and they are some of my most valued possessions but it doesn't have to be either or. I fully intend to have a library in my home one day when I finally put down roots. Until then, as a reader with nomadic tendencies, I will probably continue to buy more eBooks than I do print and that is a trend that is on the rise.

Here are some of my favourite places to find great value eBooks and discover new authors:


The Fussy Librarian



Barnes & Noble


For independent authors, learning how to develop and maximize the eBook market is essential to building success in modern publishing and there are three key elements that will help increase the chance of success.

  1. A self-published or independently published book must look and read just as professional as the best sellers.

  2. All authors need to have some kind of marketing platform to launch and support their online literary career. Authors need to devote resources to building an excellent and engaged online presence.

  3. Old fashioned blood, sweat and tears. Self-published authors understand how much energy is needed to adequately promote their work.

EBooks are here to stay but will continue to go through a process of change and adaptation as this still largely underdeveloped product is opened up to creative minds to explore and reinvent it for the benefit of both authors and readers.

Tracy Stewart, Freshly Press’ very own wordsmith is author of the short story series ‘Lives on a Train’ the published first volume of which is The 06.35 to London. Her first full length novel the psychological thriller ‘Boy Meets Girl’ will be available in late Spring 2019.

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