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I Love to Write Day - Freshly Press

I Love To Write Day was established in 2002 by American author John Riddle with its principal aim to have people of all ages to spend some time on writing.

Riddle said “People can write a poem, letter, greeting card, short story, essay, novel, and the possibilities are endless. They need to be challenged in this modern era, and writing is the best way to express themselves.”

You will not be surprised to hear that at Freshly Press we love writing in all its forms and strongly believe that writing is good for the soul. Writing is for all ages, indeed, there is a growing number of writers who don’t start to do so until they are 50 and over.

You don’t need to be writing, or even want to write, a novel to love writing. Journaling, or keeping a diary as a teenager (you know, the ones with the tiniest of padlocks that never worked…) is a memory that many of us will have as our first experience of the written word. Also, who secretly doesn’t have a thrill at the arrival of an actual letter or note card in the post that someone has taken the time and trouble to write by hand?

There is increasing interest in examining the use of journaling as a medium of personal expression to help those with early symptoms of dementia and trauma. Writing gives us a safe place to explore ideas, thoughts, fears, hopes and joys. It can of course lead us to write a book, a poem or a song that we want to share more widely, but there’s no obligation to do so.

How we write is also fascinating. The majority of us now use computers and other devices for pretty much all our communications and writing, it’s fast, easy to correct and share; but there is something about putting pen to paper that creates a different writing experience.

Many diary writers, bloggers and authors use pen and paper at some point in their process, it gives a connection between expression of thought and the written word that is difficult both to replicate and to quantify.

Writing every day is something that all creative writing courses teach. Even if what you write is utter drivel, it is the act of and commitment to write something daily that is key.

So why not use today to start or recommit to writing, even if just for five minutes. Start with a Thank You note, or a letter to your Gran or your Mum, start a gratitude diary or, of course, your novel. It’s never too early or too late in life to begin or rekindle your love of writing.

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