When life gives you lemons, zest the life out of them!

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In today’s entrepreneurial world we are led to believe that we can have it all, whatever your starting point in life. Stephen King rose to fame after no less than 30 publishers turned down his manuscript for Carrie and J.K Rowling’s own personal tale of rags to riches was made into a film.

If you don’t get discovered by an all-singing, all-dancing publisher, it’s up to you to carve your place in the literary world. But what if you don’t have the particular skill sets needed to be editor, proof reader, marketer and literary agent for your book? Does your list of contacts stop at Auntie Julie? And what if your day job, which has funded your writing thus far, leaves little-to-no time for progression?

This is why Freshly Press was born. Three entrepreneurial women with backgrounds in Writing, Marketing and PR came together because there is a gap in the services that traditional publishers offer. Authors often feel short-changed by the services on offer and publishing budgets are thinly spread.

At Freshly Press we offer you three experts in their fields. Whether you’re in need of a proof reader, editor or manuscript critique before approaching publishers, some insider influence to get under the radar of reviewers and journalists or you need help growing your tribe on social media and hitting the mark in all things visual… we are here to make YOUR author journey easy peasy lemon squeezy!



Emma is our Digital Marketing Maven. She loves strong coffee and antique hunting, firmly believes she should have been alive in the 1920’s and at the weekend, can be found photographing the world around her.

With a background in events and marketing she is ready to give your online presence a makeover and get people asking “Who is this fabulous new author?” Her specialties lie in digital marketing from social media makeovers and website creation to book trailers and eye-catching graphics.

If you want that ‘yessssss’ feeling when you see your book marketing online, then Emma’s fresh approach will leave you zinging with pride.

Emma’s working motto is:

‘Work smarter, not harder.’


Maria Barry

Maria is our PR guru. A yoga loving, Reiki and Crystal practitioner in her spare time, she’s fascinated by and has a thirst for learning about what makes the universe tick.

With 20 years publishing experience she has great connections and contacts with reviewers and bloggers for all your book PR needs. She has a sharp eye for enhancing the structure and flow of a book which makes all the difference to its readability.

If you want advice about your book project and to work with someone whose focus is on delivering the best version of your book right to its ideal audience, then Maria brings all the zestiness you need!

Maria’s working motto is:

‘If a job needs doing, then do it to the best of your ability.’


Tracy Stewart

Tracy is our wordsmith with a love of both the written and spoken word. When she doesn’t have her head in a book, she can be found either shopping at a local farmer’s market, wandering around a brocante looking for old cookware and china or chatting over a bottle of wine with friends in her adopted French homeland.

After spending over 20 years in international project and risk management business development she moved to the French countryside and returned to her passion for writing and books. Her first short story collections were published in 2015 and 2016 and she is in the final stages of her first novel.

An author, freelance editor, writer, book publicist and speaker, she is a natural networker and connector of people and a curator of interesting things and ideas. Tracy understands both the pleasure and the pain that is a writer’s lot and has a refreshing approach when it comes to book editing and marketing.

Tracy’s working motto is:

‘Stay focused... and extra sparkly.’