New Writers

Welcome to the world of a new writer. Writing and publishing a book can bring tremendous joy but it is not for the faint of heart. There is more to being an author than book signings and selfies of your writing desk. The role is no longer purely writing, it is about the whole package... the craft of writing, marketing, social events, public speaking.

Readers are not just interested in the writing and the book they want more of a connection with the author. They want behind-the-scenes access, a glimpse at what your life is like, what it entails to be a writer.

So how does a new writer do this? First stop, an online presence is essential. Even if you haven’t begun writing yet, get your social media platforms up and running and looking ‘branded’.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand - Paul Rand

Building a community of followers online before your book is even published will help ten fold you when it comes to launching your first book. Build a tribe of willing people who have been following your writing journey from the very beginning and ask them for reviews of the book in exchange for an advanced review copy.

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