Zesty Email Campaign

Zesty Email Campaign

from 150.00

At Freshly Press we know the value of a strong email campaign to raise the profile of your book. That’s why we have grown and nurtured relationships with contacts in print media, with bloggers, influencers, radio, TV and podcast channels and key reviewers.

In our email campaigns we match each book with a list of targeted contacts, offering them a copy of your book and a set of prepared author Q&A’s and articles which we will have helped you craft.

The campaign can look to get reviews, interviews, have an article or extract printed in print, blog or vlog posts, events such as book signings or blog tours.

Results will depend on the subject of your book, how it aligns with the current mood, news or climate.

We offer three zesty message services, each of which can be tailored to meet your specific objects and budget:

Initial Spritz to test the market £150

Lemon Slice to target a specific response £450

Whole Lemon to provide a wide response campaign £750  

Not sure what package you need? Get in touch!

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